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0.45x Wide + 2x Tele lens + Cap + Hood 37mm for Sony Handycam HDR & DCR
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0.45x Wide + 2x Tele lens + Cap + Hood 37mm for Sony Handycam HDR & DCR

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This 0.45x High Definition Professional Wide Angle Lens with "MACRO" for (close up pictures).It fits right
over your camera's existing lens system and affects the full zoom range of your camera's lens.
A wide-angle converter increes your angle of view, allowing you to get more details in the picture, include more
of the landscape, include more people in group picture, and interiors show more of the room. Your telephoto
setting also becomes wider, this converter brings everything closer.
Mounts on any camcorder with 37mm lens filter thread

This 2x High Definition Super Telephoto Lens fits right over your camera existing lens system and get your
subject TWICE CLOSER, allowing you to get better view of distant landscape details, instantly get close to the
animals without alerting them.
However image magnification is not the sole purpose of telephoto lenses. Their inherent shallow depth of field
makes them useful in eliminating unwanted foreground and background objects by simply throwing them out
of focus. Also, their foreshortening characteristic can make portraits look much more pleasant and natural, and
can visually compress distant objects so they don't look so far away
Mounts on any camcorder with 37mm lens filter thread

The angles of these rectangular hoods match with the shooting angles of digital video cameras. DV series lens
hoods are also provided with an additional protective cap, which can be put on front of the hood
DV lens hood with screw mount fits on any 37mm lens filter or barrel thread
made from high impact plastic
rubber ring mount insures tight fit
suitable for digital video cameras of all brands
The main function of the lens hood is to shade the lens from stray light, improving your contrast and image quality

Professional design center pinch snap on lens cap


0.45x Wide Angle Lens

2x Telephoto Lens

High Quality Plastic Lens Cap

Digital Video Screw-In Hood

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