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Product Details:
Package Length: 8.8 inches
Package Width: 4.8 inches
Package Height: 1.3 inches
Package Weight: 0.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 8 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 8 customer reviews )
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2Look for other alternatives if you want half-decent IQAug 27, 2009
By RC_photographer "RC_photographer"
Tried these filters after reading many positive reviews. Didn't expect much as these are so cheap, especially considering that you get 4 filters each with different magnification. I just wanted something that I'd use occasionally with my existing lenses. Cosmetically, they are usable as the glass is bound by a metal ring. When I put it to test using my 70-200 2.8L IS, however, the image quality is so bad (I should say soft) that I find these unusable. My whole point of getting a close-up filter is to take macro shots of flowers, insects, leaves, etc. All of these have intense details and your lens will need to be at least decent to resolve some of those fine details at a macro range. The pics I got from these filters attached are so soft that it looked worse than the same pic I took with the bare 70-200 itself from 6ft away, then blowing up the image to the similar magnification. My recommendation is to get the extension tubes instead. At least the tubes will retain the lens' original IQ. Get the ones that communicate all of the electronic components to/from the camera/lens (like canon tubes or kenko tube sets). This way, you'll have that macro capability you were looking for, retain the image quality of your glass, and still use all the electronic functions such as AF, exposure, aperture control, IS, etc. Sure, even the tubes can't replace the true dedicated macro lenses, but they are certainly more usable than these filters. The only downside of using the tubes, and the reason why I tried the filters, is that you need to attach them b/t lens and body, which means more exposure to dust.

5A lot of fun.Oct 25, 2014
By Tony Clark
These are always fun to play with. They are not quite as great as having an actual macro lens, but you can get some decent magnifications with these. One trick I have learned is that with the higher magnifications is better to use autofocus to get you close enough, then manually sharpen it to your liking. The depth of field becomes incredibly narrow and can be harrowing to work with, but if you have patience (which most photographers do) you can learn for to take some really great shots with these. Have some fun while you're saving up $800 for a real macro lens.

5Great deal for the money.Dec 30, 2012
By Madrooster7
I love these filters, using them on an EOS 5d with 24-105mm EF lens. very, very shallow DOF on high magnification, but I expected that, and think it's a cool effect. These have a nice wistful quality about them, probably not good for product shots but great for food photos or artistic macro. Magnification isn't as large as you'd see with the thousand dollar plus lenses, but they're so cheap, and the wallet they come in is nice too.

5Purchased For An Elderly Parent With Poor EyesightOct 09, 2012
By MadMacs
Very pleased with this product. Although, admittedly, purchased for something other than it's original intended use.

Repurposed for an elderly parent who has trouble holding onto small handles, like those found on a typical magnifying glass.

Easy to manipulate and optically clear, the 10X lens makes for a perfect magnifier and reading lens.

Love that they come in a large handy pouch.

Note: While the pouch's net units elegantly store the lenses, they can be easily damaged by banging them into one another. So either: a) Remove two of the lenses from one side -or- b) Close the pouch very carefully in order to prevent them from slamming into one another, potentially scratching or even breaking the optics.

2inferior qualityMar 18, 2011
By scubageer
The ring that holds the lens together, is super flimsy. The retainer won't stay in place as well, keeps running out of the thread, won't stay in place. hence the lens is moving all the time. Lens is of inferior quality but I don't expect much from this price.

But it's definitely can be used.

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