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Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 3 customer reviews )
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5Great product! Great picture quality 20 feet underwaterApr 11, 2011
By B.Sav.
I wanted to take photos while snorkeling and snuba diving, so I debated buying a waterproof camera. While shopping for cameras, I came across this pouch and decided to give it a try. My husband and I have two digital cameras, so we decided it would be safest to use the older camera in the pouch, just in case it was defective and killed the camera. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed we were with the photos and quality. You would never be able to tell the difference between which photos were taken through the pouch and which were regular (we tested out quality by taking "above water" photos too). Underwater, this pouch is great because it is easy to access all of the camera buttons, the strap makes it easy to swim with the camera, and it floats! We went snuba diving (scuba/snorkel) down to 25 feet. At 20 feet my camera started to feel the pressure of the water and the lens would not come out all the way, but it still took excellent photos. After an hour underwater, we came up, took out the camera and it was 100% dry.

Another perk of this pouch is that because it enables such good quality photos above water too, you can leave the camera in the pouch and take photos at the beach without worrying about sand damage.

We've had our pouch for 2 years and it's been on many trips -still going strong!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great Camera ProtectionApr 04, 2011
By EngineersViewPoint
I was impressed with the quality of the bag for the price. I ordered this underwater bag for my Canon Powershot S500 because we are going on vacation in the Virgin Islands. I wanted to use a digital camera instead of a film loaded disposible. This is my third spare camera so I thought it would work good for this application. I received the bag with no problems and performed two water tests with no leaks. I am planning on buying another one for my more expensive Canon. I plan on using it to protect it from rainy days and from the sand on the beach. The extension of the camera zoom lens was not a problem. You can't really change the camera settings easily when it is in the bag. Only good for pressing the shoot button and possibly zooming.

3Not the real thing but a fair replacement...Jun 30, 2012
By J. Peterson
I purchased three of these for my Cannon cameras after I had problems with two of them after taking them with me on walks at our local beaches. I have not used them under water. The cases do protect your camera from the elements but they make it difficult to operate the control buttons. Also, you will end up with interference from the lens projection unless you make sure that your camera is lined up straight in the case. The camera wants to slip around in the case so you have to check it each time you want to shoot which can be a real pain at times. I take it with me on kayaking outings and I often miss shots because I have to take time to line up the lens. Next trip to Hawaii I will take these along to protect my cameras from the harsh environment there. While limited, this type of case can be a life saver when you are concerned about protecting your camera form water or other environmental hazards. At only about forty dollars, they work well and are much cheaper than the water cases from Cannon and others.

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